About Us

What we do

Intuition Is A Service Provided To Schools, Which Places Graduates With Subject Specific Knowledge In Classrooms Across London.

At Intuition we know that our agency is only as strong as the members in our team. In light of this, we have made it our priority to ensure that our drive and commitment to see each child excel academically, is a shared ethos amongst every individual member of our staff.

We also offer graduates an opportunity to gain valuable experience within the field of teaching, and to make the most of their subject specific knowledge gained during their degree. Government research statistics show that after university, a high percentage of graduates are falling into low skilled jobs that are often completely unrelated to their degree. However, intuition provides graduates with a chance to put their acquired knowledge at university to good use.





Our Mission

Our primary aim is to work alongside teachers to prevent students from falling short of their target grades, through the extra support of a teaching assistant with high subject specific knowledge.

We also want to encourage students to challenge themselves and aim to go beyond their predicted grades and their own expectations.

We believe that the first step to getting the desired results is to encourage students to have a positive attitude towards learning. Our graduate TA’s will act as positive role models, supporting students with their studies as well as promoting the importance of investing time and effort in their education.

We also hope that we can inspire children from all backgrounds to achieve the results they need to give them the best opportunity to go on and fulfil their aspirations after GCSE’s.





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-An Instructor