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At intuition we are looking for schools who share in our vision and determination to get each student the results that they need.


Our team of graduates go beyond an ‘extra pair of eyes’ in the classroom. They all hold degree’s in the relevant core subject fields and their high subject knowledge attained at university has proved a valuable tool in helping students to fully understand the content of work in classes. We also have an IS (Intervention Scheme) which targets specific groups of students who need increased one to one time during lessons.


In the current educational climate, with the 2017 GCSE exams being the first since the changes made to GSCE’s in 2015, we understand it is of high importance to ensure that students are prepared as much as possible when taking on the new reforms in the curriculum. With our TA’s working alongside your teaching staff, we are confident that students can achieve their full potential.


 If your school would like to work in partnership with our team at Intuition, please don’t hesitate to GET IN CONTACT.


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“Young people are simply not getting the opportunities they deserve. If we don’t create better jobs for graduates, we won’t be able to build the higher-skilled workforce the UK desperately needs to boost productivity and compete with other countries.”

-TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady